I got my first guitar the 24th of December 1964, a gift from my parents.

This really changed my life.

Summer of 65 and the Eko aucustic sixstring.....That summer I was constantly playing this piece of nice italian craftsmanship.

I just kept on playing. All day and most of the night. Year after year....
(Indeed, it was hard for my poor fingertips.)

We called the group "The Germs". I played together with my cousin Peter. He had a nice Egmont guitar. Almost as hazardous as the Eko to play. We really loved music!

The Germs


The Germs

Reharsing. Always rehearsing...

...playing, singing. Always carrying our guitars. Totally devoted to our music. A mix of simple blues and covers.

There were some memorable moments. Here we are performing some strange song on stage in our barn in Roslagen. Another Peter is performing as a guest artist. I had got a Hagstrom Electric guitar, financed by my generous brother. Thank you, Bosse !

The PA-system was a tape recorder and some radio sets. Notice the small guitar amp close to my left foot. (20 Watts or so)


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