My Guitar (and Bass) Amps (1965- now)
Green= Still in posession

Year Model Watts Colour Description

1965 Radiola 1-2 ? Brown Radio set. It broke due to the painful chords processed

1966 Philips 1-2 ? Blue/Gray Jacked in thrugh the microphone input. There was a "monitor"
button so it could be used as an amp

1967 Hagstrom 510 10 Black/grey Oh what a beauty. A large red control light brightened up
my senses. I recently realized that it was a 510. Not the 310 which has just a small light bulb. Memories fades away and I only had that little amp a couple of days. But a 510 it was!

1967 Home made 10 ? Silver Pure shit made of parts from other electronic gadgets. It never really worked properly. Connected to a speaker cabinet filled with all the speakers I could gather from broken radio sets, tape recorders and you name it. This cabinet went to flames when my mother connected it (by mistake) to the AC socket....

1967 American origin 15 Black This one was good. But I only borrowed it from the man who
created the Home made

1967 Fender Twin Reverbs 40   I borrowed a couple of those in my early days. Johnny Magnusson had a nice, yellow one (Looked like the second on the left side of the picture)

1968 Dynacord Eminent 35 Grey/black PA-amp used for my guitar playing. A green "magic eye"
worked as VU-meter. Thrilling to watch in the dark...

1969 VOX AC30 30 Black/brown I borrowed it from LG Larsson of the Mercy Moose, our
Blues group.

1969 VOX AC50 50 Black/brown The same LG provided me with this amp. I used an old tape recorder as a preamp and made it sound great.

1970 Marshall top 50 Marshall green The best amp ever ! I run it through 2 cabinets equipped with
2x12" Celestions each. Later on I gathered the Celestions in
a Malmberg cabinet

1973 Fender Bassman top 35 Tweed Wonderful sound, but the little bastard just ate tubes

1973 VOX AC50 50 Black Never liked this one. Not loud enough and a boring, dry sound. Too clean.

1974 Marshall
Super Lead top
100 Marshall green Power ! No master volume, but I turned the knob
to 10 almost all of the time...Used together with 4 Celestions
in the Malmberg cabinet

1974 ELK Reverb 20 Black/grey Nice little amp. A Fender copy. Unfortunately stolen. I have no picture of my Elk, but it looked like the amps on the linked pictures.The logo was like pic 2.

1977 Traynor Combo 45 Black A nice one. I was tired of carrying that heavy Marshall
and itīs even heavier cabinet. Sold it later on to Bo in Tequila Girls

1980 Pignose 1,5? Brown This has been a pleasant companion through the years !

1982 Roland Cube 40 Orange  

1985 Fender
Sidekick Reverb
15 Black/grey An attempt to find a new ELK. Sold it later to
my English Teacher, Pamela.

1990 Marshall Combo 20 Marshall green Used during the "Selfflying Dwerfelk" sessions.
Too noisy and hummed a lot.

1992 Fender
Blues Deluxe
40 Tweed Excellent amp ! Just the right tone for me. Had to sell it to
pay the rent, though. Sorry ībout that.

1999 Danelectro
Nifty Fifty
15 Yellow Excellent amp ! Small,rugged and reliable.
It has a warm tone and it plays loud enough for monotoring my guitar on stage.

2008 Peavey Classic 20 20 Tweed Excellent amp ! Like a mini version of the Blues Deluxe amp, all tubes, great. Worked fine with my Telecasters.

2008 Hagstrom 310 (1965) 10 Black/Grey The red lamp. It was smaller than I remembered. And I recently found out that my first Hagstrom amp was a 510. Not a 310. I sold the 310 back to Halkan :-)

2008 Peavey Micro Bass 15 Black This one works fine, even on stage! Lent it to Kerstin Pershagen.

2008 Pignose 1,5 Brown I bought one more! Gave it to Johanna as a Christmas gift.

2009 VOX Night Train 15 Chrome All tube amb by VOX. Excellent, sounds perfect!
I run it through a Fender 1x12" or a Crate 1x12" cabinet .

2009 Fender Champion 600 5 Yellow All tube small amp by Fender. Sounds amazing!
But itīs not working at all for the moment :-( Need to be repaired.

2010 Fender Vibro Champ XD 5 Black A Vintage modified amp. Great. gave it to my son, Andreas

2010 Halkanīs Dual Tone 60 Black Nice amp from the seventies. Works!

2011 VOX Liīl Nighttrain 2 Chrome A miniature version of the Nighttrain. For studio recordings.

2013 Marshall Acoustic Soloist 50 Brown Amp for acoustic guitar and vocals. Perfect for Blues Alone gigs

2014 Fender Super Champ X2 15 Black Another vintage modified amp. Also great! Gave it to Classe Carlberg

2018Bugera Infinum22Black/yellowAll tube head. Use it at Moose Bloose rehearsals. Fender speaker cab

2018Marshall Origin 20H
20Marshall green
All tube head

2019OneControl BJF-S66
Amazing little piece

2021 Fender Super Champ XD 15 Black Another vintage modified amp. Also great!

2021 Fender Mustang
50 Black A modern modelling amp. Also great!

2021 Music Man HD-130 top
130 Black Vintage amp (1970s). Including flight case

25GrayAcoustik amp

2022Roland Cube 60
60CremeVintage Bass amp (1980s).

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